Joe Sloan wins both SDA online competitions in 2020


We have a lot of photos from the events all around the year.

Alex Smith Tournament

The 2016 Alex Smith Memorial Open was  held in the Moyness Guest House, Inverness on 18th and 19th March.

This is a 2 day event run ahead of the East of Scotland Open which will be played 20th and 21st March in the same venue.

Thanks to the Moyness Guest house for such a good venue


Canno Baikie won the 2016 Alex B Smith

Alex B Smith.xlsx

Addie Harper Won 2013 the Alex B Smith

Alex Smith Cup Rules V1.doc
This is a handicap tournament this is how it is set up how the points are worked out.

Alex Smith winners.xls

list of all winners for the Alex Smith tournaments


Colin Young won the 2011 Alex B Smith