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Evergreen Game

Evergreen Game

   Draughts is not a new game. New games are being invented constantly. Of the next crop that will be presented for public approval, some will have a brief tenure in the spotlight and then fade into oblivion, some will take hold and keep their supporters for a few seasons, and a limited number will endure.


   Among the ranks of games on view now, draughts is an old game, a veteran in a company of various vintages. Behind it is a long span of history and memory. But its presence today is a testimony to its staying power. It holds its place in the array of games available in the modern scene. It has stood the test of time and preserves its appeal.


    Draughts does not project the sophistication and glamour of a considerable number of its contemporaries. It is quiet and unobtrusive, not noisy or attention-seeking. It is in plain garb. Its rules are straightforward and can be grasped in a minute. It is a common misconception, widely held, that draughts is a simple game, easy to play. Certainly it appears easy to play, and so it can be initially. But there are many puzzles to perplex the newcomer. Knowledge is needed for anyone to win consistently. Draughts is really a deep game behind its ordinary exterior. Beneath its unpretentious surface, it is full of elegance, intricacy, and beauty.


    If draughts did not have a compelling pull, it would have disappeared long ago. That such a thing has not happened is evidence that draughts has power to enlist and retain followers. It has always had a band of enthusiasts and that remains true. At one time it had many clubs. Not so today, as the passing decades have brought sweeping changes. But the game has gained fresh vigour on the Internet, which is shown by the websites that have sprung up around the globe.


    Draughts has often been scorned as a pastime for children and old men. That observation in itself demonstrates its popularity with all ages. It can be introduced in the nursery and still please greybeards. In between, it is a companion for life. It is, above all, a game of skill. It makes heavy  demands on the player, but yields rich rewards. The novice setting out in draughts should be prepared to be surprised, entertained, and to marvel at the treasures to be revealed.


    Copyright Chris Reekie 2012